Former UMN Instructor and Artist Honored with USPS Stamp

Sheet of USPS stamps featuring the landscape works of George Morrison
Image courtesy of the United States Postal Service

Considered one of the nation's greatest modernist artists and leader of the Native American modernism movement, George Morrison’s work is being honored through a USPS Forever stamp showcase featuring five of his abstract landscapes paintings created during his career from 1949-1995. Three of the featured works are in collections at the Minnesota Museum of American Art or the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Born in Northern Minnesota's Cook County, Morrison was a member of the Grand Portage Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe and many of his works featured landscapes from his youth. A renowned painter and sculptor, Morrison taught American Indian studies and art at the University of Minnesota from 1970 to 1983. Upon retirement from UMN, he returned to the Grand Portage area where he continued to create until his death in 2000. The stamps can be purchased online and at your local post office

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