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Wyatt in Panama

Wyatt in Panama

Wyatt studied abroad in Panama, where he used his leadership minor skills to adjust to living independently in a new country. He enjoyed the interactive classes, especially completing a project that allowed him to interact with locals. Wyatt learned how to take on new challenges and is now interested in learning a second language.
A view from behind of two cars driving down a road, one blue and one black.

Guns Now Kill More People Than Cars Do

The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that, for the first time, guns are killing more Americans than motor vehicles. " are getting safer and safer. Guns, meanwhile, get more and more dangerous," says David Perry, senior academic advisor to the Department of History. "Cars provide an excellent model for the public-health benefits of regulation."
Cones on a jingle dress

The Jingle Dress

The jingle dress dance is a spiritual healing practice dating back to 1918. Guided by the research efforts of Brenda Child—professor and current chair of the Department of American Studies—an exhibit featuring the evolution of the dress will launch in April 2019. How did this tradition emerge from a story, a dream, and the worst pandemic that the modern world has seen?
Portrait of William Jones

Connecting Past & Present

“We tend to forget how central employment is to our lives. It doesn’t just shape who we are at work; it shapes who we are outside of work,” says Professor William Jones about his research on public sector employment. The relationship between employment and inequality is one that has persisted through history.
Portrait of Jennifer Awes Freeman

Teaching Medieval Art

“When you're teaching the Middle Ages you have to account for religion in order to understand what’s happening; the majority of the artwork that's produced in the Middle Ages is religious in nature.” Jennifer Awes-Freeman, visiting assistant professor of medieval studies, shares about her approach to teaching and experience at the U.
Portrait of Emily Rohan

1000 Years in 1000 Miles

Alumna Emily Rohan began her year-long advanced-level internship at the Smithsonian American Art Museum this past September. She reflects on her undergraduate experience at the University and her internship at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, which set her on the path to becoming a museum curator.
David Chang

Accolades Fall 2018

Professor David A. Chang (History) has been chosen by the Modern Language Association of America to receive the MLA Prize for Studies in Native American Literatures, Cultures, and Languages for his book, The World and All the Things upon It: Native Hawaiian Geographies of Exploration.