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Cancelling COPS

Professor and chair of cultural studies and comparative literature and professor of communication studies Laurie Ouellette places the show COPS within a historical and cultural context of reality media that participates in racialized police violence.
Portrait of Michelle Phelps

What Does "Dismantling" the Police Really Mean?

The Minneapolis City Council is moving forward with a proposed amendment to the city’s charter that would disband the current police department and replace it with a Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention. Voters will ultimately decide the fate of the council’s proposal in November if it passes some bureaucratic hurdles in meantime. This week on Dialogue Minnesota, University of Minnesota Associate Professor of Sociology Michelle Phelps discusses systemic racism in our nation’s police departments and what a new vision for law enforcement might look like.
Detail from the Story Maps project Cortes’ New World

Students as Map Makers: Connecting Concepts to Geography

Instructors from the Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies (SPPT) and the Department of History explain how integrating Story Maps technology into their courses has helped their students develop cultural competency and spatial thinking. “These projects situated those cultural products and practices in their specific places in a way that was completely understandable to their classmates because of the map,” says Cecily Brown.
Photo of Hamy Huynh

Q&A with Hamy Huynh

Even though her last semester at the U moved to distance learning, Hamy Huynh didn’t let it stop her from learning and growing. “I’m choosing to look on the bright side and have been using this pandemic as a reason to better myself mentally, physically, emotionally, and career-wise.”
Photo of Fariza Hassan

Q&A with Fariza Hassan

“The most meaningful interactions I've had with instructors and advisors during this time is the simple reminders of support and care that they constantly provided throughout the end of the semester.” Senior Fariza Hassan reflects on her time during distance learning and the people who helped her navigate the uncertainties.
Photo of Jaden Lubarski

Q&A with Jaden Lubarski

Junior Jaden Lubarski had a hectic spring semester— he changed his major, and then classes went virtual. But amid the stressful circumstances, he kept his head up and didn’t let the pressure get to him. “I encourage everyone to focus on what you can control because I have learned that you really can do anything you set your mind to.”
Photo of Robel Tedros

Q&A with Robel Tedros

Junior Robel Tedros used his time during distance learning to spend quality time with family and focus on physical and mental health. “What inspires me to keep moving forward is finding ways in which I can activate my own personal happiness.”
Photo of Elizabeth Sirianni

Q&A with Elizabeth Sirianni

Even as the semester went virtual, senior Elizabeth Sirianni remained positive. With the help of professors, peers, and her liberal arts education, she has hope for a bright future. “I know that this won't last forever, and we as a people will need to be there to pick up the pieces when it's over.”