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Kathryn Pearson

Politics In The Age Of COVID-19

Despite the coronavirus, Minnesota recently held a primary election, Joe Biden virtually accepted the nomination as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, and Senator Kamala Harris was named Biden’s running mate. This week on Dialogue Minnesota, University of Minnesota Associate Professor of Political Science Kathryn Pearson joins us to discuss this most unusual campaign season.
Portrait of stage manager, Sarah Hasker.

Ellie Simonett: Life Behind the Scenes and on the Stage

“I wanted to help create the magic of what theatre is.” UMN alum Ellie Simonett embraced life behind the scenes by specializing in theatrical lighting. In spring 2019, Simonett was elected as the president of UMN’s student chapter of USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology). She explains how she worked her way up to be assistant lighting designer, later designing a few shows herself.
Professor Phyllis Moen


Professor and McKnight Endowed Presidential Chair Phyllis Moen (Sociology) has been named the recipient of the prestigious Work and Family Researchers Network's Lifetime Achievement Award.
Portrait of Elizabeth Wrigley Field

Racism's Hidden Toll

In America, how long you live depends on the color of your skin. Assistant professor of sociology Elizabeth Wrigley-Field helps reveal that if Black people were immune to the coronavirus, their mortality rate in 2020 would still likely surpass white people's.