Student Support Day

Student Support Day

Thursday, April 11, is the University of Minnesota’s Student Support Day, an opportunity for alumni and friends to come together, give back, and make a difference for students on their journey from learners to leaders.

Many students rely on student support services to navigate university life - it can make all the difference to their academic success. That is why it’s critical to make sure that support is available and accessible so students stay engaged with their schooling, can overcome unexpected obstacles, and meet their goals.

On Student Support Day, you can empower CLA student success by making a gift to support internships at the undergraduate and graduate level.

CLA Undergraduate Internship Support

Gaining professional experience, exploring potential careers, and building connections are critical in transforming our students into better learners and leaders. The ripple effects of internship experiences are significant and long, making a positive impact for decades, perhaps just down the street from you or halfway around the world. We support 85-100 students annually with internship scholarships that made it possible for them to put theory into practice. Our goal for Student Support day is to raise $4,000 which would fund two of the internship scholarships in the upcoming award cycle.

Donate to the CLA Undergraduate Internship Support

CLA Graduate Student Internship Support Program

The CLA Graduate Internship Program supports 10-15 graduate students each year. Students attend workshop sessions during the fall and spring semesters, collaboratively work in small groups, and complete assignments. Students also receive group and individual support, and guidance through the process of exploring what they value in a career, exploring their interests, evaluating career options conducting conversations with alumni, practicing presenting themselves to employers outside of academia, and mock interviews and negotiations. This program enables students to explore non-faculty careers and provides funding for low-paid (or possibly unpaid) internships that students would otherwise be unable to accept.

Donate to the CLA Graduate Student Internship Support Program

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