Graduating Senior Spotlight: Q&A with Corrine Olson

Corrine Olson in a red leather jacket, standing in front of a wall of bricks.

Hometown: Blaine, MN

Major: English

Minor(s): Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate

Activities you are involved in: Chinese American Student Association’s (CASA) Family Program, Vietnamese Student Association of Minnesota's (VSAM) A.C.E. program, Gender and Sexuality Center’s (GSC) Mentorship Program

What brought you to the University of Minnesota and how did you end up choosing your major(s) and minor(s)?

Growing up close to the campus, I was already familiar with its layout before I chose a college. I knew that it had good restaurants and was relatively close to museums and other fun places I'd be able to visit. I also wanted to go to a larger public school so I'd be able to meet more people through classes and student organizations. I chose my major because I want to become an English teacher and the English program at the University fulfills most of the requirements for their Master's in Education program. Since I plan on teaching English, I decided that a minor in Teaching English as a Second language would be helpful in my future career. It has proved very helpful in expanding my knowledge of the inner-workings of the English language.

Which CLA class or professor has had the biggest impact on you? Why?

My favorite class so far has been ENGL 3303W: Writing Differences: Literature by U.S. Women of Color. As an English major, a lot of my classes are devoted to classics or just older books in general from the dominant discourses of their time. This class was a breath of fresh air in the way it presented perspectives and ways of seeing the world from cultures unfamiliar to me, yet that are modern and living in North America while I am.

What course would you recommend for other students in your major? And for students outside of your major, what course would be a good introduction to what you study?

A fun class I would recommend with a relatively lighter workload that is ENGL 3023: Children's Literature. It doesn't matter if you're an English major or not, this class is going to make you think about the stories you were read or told growing up in a new light. It may also introduce you to a few Western classics you may have heard about and force you to think about what makes something children's literature. You also have an opportunity to either volunteer with youth or do a creative research project instead of the usual final paper which is very nice if you're taking intensive classes.

Tell us about a class you still think a lot about.

I've been in MUS 3400: University and Campus Bands as a clarinetist for almost every semester since I've been in college. It's nice to be in a class where you can catch up once or twice a week with the same people in an environment totally detached from your field of study. It's also always fun to invite friends and family to the concerts we perform.

Is there an app you hate but use anyways?

I hate the Pureple app because it has so many bad advertisements. It probably also steals my information or something, but I don’t think I gave it anything other than an email when signing up. Unfortunately, it's very fun to use because I am not adept at styling myself and it allows other people to look through my wardrobe and pick outfits for me.

What's next for you? What are your post-graduation plans?

After I complete my undergraduate degree, I'll be continuing my education here for an additional year of graduate school to get my teaching license and complete my Master's in English Education.

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