Naomi Ko: From the Top—and Action!

Naomi Ko standing outside in a red dress and black jacket
Photo taken by Oscar Moreno

Naomi Ko (BA ‘11, art history, English) is a winner of CLA’s Emerging Alumni Award! As a future filmmaker, she aspires to make her very own film with the connections and skills she’s learned at CLA. 

What do you do professionally?

I am a filmmaker, comedian, and writer.

How are you involved in the community?

I serve as a community leader, teaching artist, and cultural producer empowering Asian Minnesotan artistic voices. 

How did your time in CLA inspire you to pursue your path?

My time in CLA taught me that my story mattered, with special thanks to the mentorship of incredible professors who nurtured my passion and ambition, Professor Jo Lee (English) and Professors Cathy and Rick Asher (Art History), in particular.

What is your favorite memory from your time as a student?

Discussing theater and Asian American stories in Jo Lee's courses! 

What advice would you give to current CLA students?

Be present in the moment, do things that scare you, and socialize!

How do you spend your free time? What "fills your cup"?

Watching baseball. 

What was your reaction to receiving this award?

Surprised that this award exists! 

What's next? What are your personal/professional goals for the next five years?

My goal is to produce and distribute my feature film, and continue to produce more Asian Minnesotan films. 

This story was edited by an undergraduate student.

Edited by Jennifer Nguyen

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