International Women's Day 2024

Happy International Women’s Day!

Celebrate feminist change-makers with us and learn how CLA scholars and alumni are investing in women and girls to accelerate progress—for everyone—by

  • Creating support networks for women and families.
  • Recognizing and stewarding women’s stories.
  • Serving as role models and inspirations.
  • Confronting the roots of inequality and pioneering creative alternatives.

Empowering women & girls

“Women in Economics is all about breaking the homogeneity. And whenever you have such a heterogeneous, diverse group of people together, that's when all the best ideas come out. Your viewpoints on life and perspectives are so different that it generates diverse ideas, great ideas. And that's what Women In Economics is all about.”

Anushka Raychaudhuri

“I put the leadership of women today in context with the leadership of their grandmothers and great-grandmothers to show how these systems and networks not only existed in the past but how they set up these networks that continue.”

Jayne Kinney

Invest in #herstory

The Sara Evans Fellowship in Women's History supports outstanding University of Minnesota graduate students majoring in women’s history, helping to carry on the legacy of Professor Emerita Evans.

This Women’s History Month, help bring women’s history to life by making a gift in any amount to the Sara Evans Fellowship fund.

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More CLA women who inspire us

“It was so empowering to see a Native woman at the front of the classroom, talking about our culture, history, and identity…When you see yourself reflected in your curriculum and in the instructor at the front of the classroom, everything changes.”

Peggy Flanagan

“A lot of [the GWSS department’s] research and public engagement center on liberation of thought and protection of differences.”

Diyah Larasati

Spotlight on gender, women’s & sexuality studies

CLA’s Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies promotes feminist scholarship, teaching, and programming that centers on the relationship between knowledge, power, and social justice. We push against established boundaries while providing a rich and rigorous education that asks students to view the world around them with a curious yet critical lens.

The department offers an undergraduate major and minor in GWSS, an undergraduate minor in GLBT studies, a doctoral degree in feminist studies, and a graduate minor in feminist and critical sexuality studies.

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Learn with us

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Comparative History of Women, Gender & Sexuality Workshop

This workshop hosted by the history department provides a forum for discussing articles, works in progress, and dissertation and grant proposals on the history of women and gender regardless of geography or discipline. For more information, email the workshop coordinators at

UMN resources


Upcoming events

Exploring bodily autonomy through theatre

The theatre program’s 2023–24 season features a series of projects that center on questions about bodily autonomy. Pride & Prejudice and Fucking A, both presented by the BA performance program are in conversation with the BA Studio Series production of Roe, which offers insight into the complex women behind the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. In Medea, presented by our third-year BFA actors, and Anne Boleyn, the annual BFA main stage production that features graduating seniors, we follow the titular characters as they are condemned for defying the patriarchal norms of their times.

These productions invite our students and audiences to consider how the issue of bodily autonomy manifests across time and space, impacting people of many racial, gender, and class identities and backgrounds.


Roe — A deeply personal play explores all sides of Roe v. Wade


Ann Boleyn

Anne Boleyn — Not your dry and dusty history lesson     

Other CLA events

Three colorful book covers in a row, with three head and shoulder photos of people arranged in a row below covers

First Books Reading: Hear from debut authors—and MFA alums—Antonia Angress, Victoria Blanco, and Kathryn Savage


The Rights of Nature vs. Human Rights?

UMN events of note

Complex Conflict, Women’s Rights, & the Promise of the Women, Peace & Security Agenda


Centering Care in International Law


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in CLA

The core values of the College of Liberal Arts include

  • freedom of thought and expression.

  • respect, diversity, and social justice.

  • excellence in all we do.

  • efficiency and adaptability in the achievement of our mission.

Learn about DEI in CLA

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