What’s Next? Roundtable series launched with focus on money and racial justice

Money Talks: Leveraging the Power of Business and Philanthropy in Pursuit of Racial Justice
What's Next Roundtable in October

On October 8, the College of Liberal Arts launched the virtual roundtable series “What’s Next?” with almost 300 in attendance to focus on the theme “Money Talks: Leveraging the Power of Business and Philanthropy in Pursuit of Racial Justice.” 

The Twin Cities boasts a vibrant philanthropic community, with many organizations focused on addressing racial disparities and creating more equitable communities. Added to that are numerous thriving businesses including Fortune 500 companies. The panel addressed questions including: What role do these important sectors play in answering calls for racial justice? How will they respond to calls for change? How do and should they intersect to create a web of support for eliminating institutional and systemic racism in society?

Moderated by Amelious N. Whyte, Jr., PhD, director of public engagement, panelists included: Kara Carlisle, vice president of programs, McKnight Foundation; Trista Harris, president, FutureGood; Chanda Smith Baker, senior vice president of impact, Minneapolis Foundation; and Jonathan Weinhagen, president and chief executive officer, Minneapolis Regional Chamber.

The “What’s Next?” Roundtable Series addresses the critical and complex question: What’s next for us to eliminate institutional and systemic racism in society in the wake of George Floyd’s death? The series offers focused discussions with community leaders in various domains, including the business and philanthropic community, the criminal justice system, K-12 education, alumni change agents, and the liberal arts during autumn 2020 and spring 2021. The next “What’s Next?” at noon-1p.m. (CT) on October 22 is “Walking the Talk,” where CLA grads will share stories of how they are using their influence for social change.

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