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Courses & Transfers

Courses in Religious Studies offer contextualized approaches to religious subject matter. Most of our courses originate in other CLA departments: history, Asian languages & literatures, classical & Near Eastern studies, anthropology, etc. With over 60 courses cross-listed with RELS, students have a wealth of options from which to choose.

Course descriptions in our ClassInfo database provide more in-depth information about courses, expectations, and workload to give you a realistic understanding about what you will experience in each course. Schedule Builder is a tool for students to explore and build their course schedule. 

Spring 2019

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
RELS 1001Introduction to the Religions of the WorldSections [1]
RELS 1082Jesus in HistorySections [3]
RELS 3001WTheory and Method in Religion: Critical Approaches to the Study of Rel...Sections [1]
RELS 3079Muslims and Jews: Conflict and Co-existence in the Middle East and Nor...Sections [1]
RELS 3092Jesus in HistorySections [3]
RELS 3115Midrash: Reading and Retelling the Hebrew BibleSections [1]
RELS 3205Women, Gender, and the Hebrew BibleSections [1]
RELS 3206Sex, Murder, and Bodily Discharges: Purity and Pollution in the Ancien...Sections [1]
RELS 3373Religion and Society in Imperial ChinaSections [1]
RELS 3415WArt of IndiaSections [3]
RELS 3502Ancient Israel: From Conquest to ExileSections [1]
RELS 3504Apocalypticism, Cosmic Warfare, and the Maccabees: Jewish Strategies o...Sections [1]
RELS 3520History of the HolocaustSections [1]
RELS 3611Eastern Orthodoxy: History and CultureSections [1]
RELS 3627The End of the World in Literature and HistorySections [1]
RELS 3679Religion and Society in Modern South AsiaSections [1]
RELS 3704Exploring the Quran: An intellectual odyssey with Islam's holy scriptu...Sections [1]
RELS 3714Islam and the WestSections [1]
RELS 3721North Africa since 1500: Islam, Colonialism, and IndependenceSections [1]
RELS 3722The Ottoman EmpireSections [1]
RELS 3896Internship in Religion, Society, and CultureSections [1]
RELS 3993Directed StudiesSections [2]
RELS 4952CapstoneSections [2]
RELS 5001Theory and Method in the Study of Religion: Critical Approaches to the...Sections [1]
RELS 5115Midrash: Reading and Retelling the Hebrew BibleSections [1]
RELS 5993Directed StudiesSections [1]

Fall 2019

Course NumberCourse TitleSections
RELS 1002Introduction to the Study of ReligionsSections [1]
RELS 1034Introduction to Jewish History and CulturesSections [1]
RELS 1201Bible:Context & InterpretationSections [1]
RELS 1911Islam in America: A History of the PresentSections [1]
RELS 3034Introduction to Jewish History and CulturesSections [1]
RELS 3071Greek and Hellenistic ReligionsSections [1]
RELS 3113History of Modern Israel/Palestine: Society, Culture, and PoliticsSections [1]
RELS 3182Egypt and Western Asia: Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt and Weste...Sections [1]
RELS 3201Bible:Context & InterpretationSections [1]
RELS 3254Archaeology of Ritual and ReligionSections [1]
RELS 3321American Indian PhilosophiesSections [1]
RELS 3377A Thousand Years of Buddhism in China: Beliefs, Practices, and CultureSections [1]
RELS 3535Death and the Afterlife in the Ancient WorldSections [1]
RELS 3612Baroque Rome: Art and Politics in the Papal CapitalSections [1]
RELS 3626WWitches, Seers, and Saints: Women, Gender, and Religion in the U.S.Sections [1]
RELS 3706WArt of IslamSections [3]
RELS 3707WAnthropology of the Middle EastSections [1]
RELS 3708The Cultures of the Silk RoadSections [1]
RELS 3711The Islamic WorldSections [1]
RELS 3712Islam: Religion and CultureSections [1]
RELS 3715History of the CrusadesSections [1]
RELS 3717Christians, Muslims, and Jews in the Middle AgesSections [1]
RELS 3993Directed StudiesSections [1]
RELS 4309Religion in American Public Life: Culture, Politics, and CommunitiesSections [1]
RELS 4952CapstoneSections [8]
RELS 5071Greek and Hellenistic ReligionsSections [1]
RELS 5204The Dead Sea ScrollsSections [1]
RELS 5254Archaeology of Ritual and ReligionSections [1]
RELS 5612Baroque Rome: Art and Politics in the Papal CapitalSections [1]
RELS 5707WAnthropology of the Middle EastSections [1]
RELS 5781Age of Empire: The Mughals, Safavids, and OttomansSections [1]
RELS 5993Directed StudiesSections [1]

For fuller descriptions and more in-depth information on courses in the current or upcoming semester, see the ClassInfo database.

Transferring Religious Studies and Theology Courses 
Religious studies and theology courses transfer if they are not doctrinal, confessional, or sectarian in nature. Religious studies courses from public institutions transfer without special review; religious studies courses from all other institutions must be reviewed by faculty of the Religious Studies Program.

To request a review of a course, follow the instructions for Transfer Credit Evaluation.

See a complete list of undergraduate courses.