CLA-RIDGS GRPP Summer Fellowship

The College of Liberal Arts the Center for RIDGS Studies are pleased to announce that the RIDGS (Race, Indigeneity, Disability, Gender, and Sexuality Studies) GRPP Summer Fellowships have been continued into 2024. The CLA RIDGS Summer Fellowship is a $6000 fellowship.


This program seeks to foster an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural community of faculty and graduate students committed to studying and teaching various subjects at the intersections of critical race, ethnic, indigenous, disability, gender, and sexuality studies. The RIDGS Fellowships, like the CLA Graduate Research Partnering Program (GRPP), are intended to support the research of graduate students in CLA who seek to work with faculty mentors in African & African American Studies, American Indian Studies, American Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicano & Latino Studies, and Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies. Faculty mentors can be any affiliated RIDGS faculty member.

Application and Deadline: A completed application and proposal must be submitted to by 9:00 am on March 22, 2024. The completed application will include the GRPP application form, a single-spaced 2-3-page research proposal, a 2-page CV, and an unofficial transcript. Download Application 

Selection Process

A committee of faculty from RIDGS departments and programs will review applications and determine awards based on eligibility and merit of the submitted proposals. We will also take into account your current funding availability and whether or not you have held GRPPs in the past. Selected applicants will be informed by April 17.

★ Financial Aid Information ★ 

As fellowship processing processes have changed, there is now a new, required information section on the form. Read the information below and be sure to verify with OneStop Student Services before submitting your application. 

This award can be processed either in the Spring or Summer term. Please note that if you accept any additional financial aid in Spring 2024 (including loans, fellowships, scholarships or grants), your current financial aid package may be adjusted. 
Action Required: Please contact One Stop Student Services at prior to submitting this application to confirm if the GRPP Fellowship would or would not impact your additional financial aid.

If accepting the GRPP award in the Spring semester would impact your additional financial aid, you must accept it in the Summer semester instead. This would require enrolling in CLA 8000 in the summer and completing the coursework. CLA will cover the tuition and collegiate fees for the course, although not international or transportation fees. CLA 8000 is a 13-week, one-credit independent study course. More information about CLA 8000 will be provided soon.

This section is required for administrative purposes; your response will not impact your eligibility for the fellowship. (Please note, regardless of whether the award is process in the Spring or Summer semester, recipients of the CLA RIDGS Summer Fellowships are not eligible for other internal fellowships during Summer 2024 - see below.


Recipients of the CLA RIDGS Summer Fellowships are not eligible for other internal fellowships during summer 2024 (e.g. Beverly & Richard Fink Summer Research Fellowship). As a condition of the award, recipients may not register for courses during the summer term  (except for CLA 8000 if needed) and may only hold up to an additional 25% appointment during the summer. Previous recipients of the CLA RIDGS GRPP Summer Fellowship may not apply for another.

Reporting Requirements: Each CLA RIDGS Fellowship recipient must submit a 1-2 page progress report that includes the current status of the project and plans for conference presentations, public talks, publications, or exhibits that may result from the partnership. This report should be submitted to by September 3, 2024.