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Information for placement in Spanish courses and for placement testing (English Proficiency Test, EPT, or Language Proficiency Test, LPE) can be found at the CLA Language Testing Program.

Which Spanish Course Should I Start With?

Course Prerequisites
SPAN 1001 No placement test required. For students with almost no exposure to the Spanish language. If you have had no high school Spanish and are interested in taking 1001, you must get a permission number from the main office in 214 Folwell Hall. Permission numbers will be given starting the first day of registration for the entire University. Please bring a copy of your high school transcript with you to the office.
SPAN 1002 Students must have taken 1001 at the University of Minnesota; no exceptions. Obtain permission numbers from the Course Level Supervisor Cecily Brown at
SPAN 1022 No placement test required. This course is for students who have had some high school Spanish or one semester of college Spanish. This is the alternate second-semester Spanish course and covers all 1002 materials and also provides an intensive review of structures taught in 1001. It is designed to serve as a refresher course and can be taken in place of 1002 (for those that took 1001 at the University).
SPAN 1003 Students must have taken 1002, have taken 1022, or have taken the EPT. If you have taken Spanish in high school or at another institution and want to begin in 1003 or higher, you must take the EPT.
SPAN 1004 Students must have taken 1003 or the EPT.

SPAN 1014 (Business Spanish) or SPAN 1044 (Medical Spanish) can be taken for credit instead of 1004. However, completion of 1003 or EPT validation is still required to enroll.

Waitlist Information

For Spanish classes that are full, please verify that there is no other section that can fit your schedule by viewing all of our courses via the Class Schedule. If there are no open sections that fit your schedule, you may then add yourself to the waitlist.

Waitlists are available only up to the first day of the class. Once a class has met, admission into a closed section is granted only with instructor approval.

If you do not receive a permission number before the start of the semester, you should still attend as many sections as you waitlisted for and make sure you sign the attendance/waitlist sheet. Attend those classes each day of the first week. After the first week the instructor will contact students that have attended classes and who were on the waitlist, but were not registered, to fill any empty seats.

Permission Numbers

Permission number questions for SPAN 1022, 1003, and 1004/1014/1044 class sections should be directed to the department office (612-625-5858) or via email at

Permission number questions for SPAN 3011W, 3015W & 31xxW class sections should be directed to the department advisors (612-624-9348) or via email at

Repeating a Course

Policies for repeating all courses are determined by the University (not the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies). In accordance with the University of Minnesota's repeat policy and as described on the OneStop grading policy page:

  • You may repeat each course one time.
  • If you wish to repeat a course for a third time, you will need to file an Academic Policy Petition. Petitions to repeat a course for a third time are rarely approved. In that case, you may need to take an equivalent course at another University and transfer the credit back to the University of Minnesota.
  • If a course is repeated, both grades for the course appear on your official transcript.
  • The course credits will be counted only once towards your degree and program requirements.

To read the complete University policy, please see the U Policy Library’s “Grading and transcripts” policy page (Letter F ,“Other provisions” > Item 6, “Repeating courses”).


There is no EPT for Portuguese. If you wish to start at the third or fourth semester Portuguese (PORT 1103 or 1104), you will need to contact the individual Portuguese instructor for consent to register.

Students taking any of the Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs), which are all except German, French, and Spanish, will take the LPE exclusively during the fourth semester.

Students enrolled in the third semester of LCTLs who are in extraordinary situations with regard to their language education or the completion of their language requirement should contact the CLA Language Testing Program to discuss their options.