Meet Our Students: Kristin Gill

photo of kristin gill

Kristin Gill, Junior

Kristin is a Political Science major with two minors in Spanish Studies and Public Health. Below is an unedited interview from spring 2021.

What year in school are you?

I’m a third-year, graduating a semester early in Fall 2021.

What are your major(s)/minor(s)?

I’m majoring in Political Science with a double minor of Spanish Studies and Public Health.

Why did you choose to study Spanish and/or Portuguese?

I chose to study Spanish simply because languages let you connect with more people. More people means more opportunities, more experiences, more lessons, more laughs, more friends, and more family. Why wouldn’t you practice another language? Also, I use it at work, hahaha. Speaking more than one language opens so many doors!

What have been your favorite classes?

My favorite SPPT classes have been SPAN 3606: Human Rights in the Americas with Ana Forcinito and SPAN 3403: Latinx Immigration on US/Mexican Border with Kathleen Ganley. Outside of the department, I’ve loved my foreign policy/international law/humanitarian courses with professors Lisa Hilbink, Helen Kinsella, and Farrah Tek.

What are you passionate about?

Oof… empathy, adequate wages, open borders, representation, indoor plants, cheap books, mentorship, career development, reframing what professionalism looks like, and pushing for a tomorrow that is healing from colonialism, western patriarchal culture, and exploitative capitalism.

What are your plans for the future?

Hopefully traveling with the support of an organization on some sort of fellowship. Or, just traveling by myself and bouncing around organizations/collectives/nonprofits until I can get a master’s degree. I’m contemplating a law degree or a master’s in political economy of development, public policy, human rights, community health, or something along those lines. I hope to continue working directly with individuals and never lose sight of the type of world I want to support and work towards.

Any advice to your fellow students?

I want my peers to remember how important it is to create relationships with your professors/TAs/teachers! I learned so much about who I wanted to become by getting to know those who were teaching me something. We’re lucky to be in an environment where some professors really prioritize getting to know their students. Take advantage of their efforts!

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