Alumna Efstathia Bura Advances Statistics for the International Statistical Institute

Portrait of Efstathia Bura in a library holding a book

Alumna Efstathia Bura (PhD, ‘96) was recently announced as co-editor-in-chief of the International Statistical Review (ISR), the flagship journal of the International Statistics Institute (ISI). Bura’s appointment was announced in the ISI’s January newsletter:

"Professor Bura, renowned for her contributions to statistical research at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), brings a wealth of experience to this role. In her new position, Professor Bura will contribute to the ISI's mission of advancing the field of statistics globally. Her extensive expertise and commitment to international collaboration align with the ISI's goals."

Bura received her PhD from the School of Statistics in 1996 under the supervision of Dennis Cook. She currently serves as Professor at the Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien), where she leads the Applied Statistics Research Unit (ASTAT), in the Institute of Statistics and Mathematical Methods in Economics. 

Congratulations, Efstathia!

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