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Amanda Schwartz joins the School as our new Communications and Events Specialist

September 7, 2018

Amanda Schwartz joins the School of Statistics as a Communications and Events Specialist
with over 10 years of event management experience under her belt. She previously ran event
and marketing teams for Lunds & Byerlys and Bellagala before transitioning to the public sector
where she refocused her work on freelance collaborations with non-profits. In her new position
at the university, she will work closely with the Institute for Research on Statistics and its
Applications and the Commons for Research in Social Sciences to strategically expand their
visibility across campus as well as externally to industries across the Twin Cities. Amanda holds
a dual BA degree in Communication Arts and International Studies from the University of
Wisconsin-Madison and spent several years living overseas before relocating back to the
Midwest. She now resides in Northeast Minneapolis with her Irish husband, her British Shorthair
cats and her distinctly American proclivity for organized fun. Amanda describes herself as a
lifelong learner and is excited to be a part of the university community, translating her passion
for education into meaningful events.