Changes in Statistical Science BS and Statistical Practice BA

Important information for prospective and current statistics majors regarding updated program requirements
Image of post it note containing the text "Update: requirement for statistics majors"

To all prospective (and current) statistics majors: Please be aware that majors declared in or after Spring 2021 will have different requirements than those before that time.  

  • For the BS: Technical Writing (3562W) is now required.
  • For the BA: Technical Writing (3562W) and Linear Algebra (either MATH 2142, MATH 2243, OR CSCI 2033) are required.

In each major, the total number of electives required has also been decreased (so that the total major credits is within 2 credits of what it was previously).  The Stat BS degree now requires 10 credits of electives and the Stat BA degree now requires 5 elective credits.

Students currently declared in either Statistics program will have the option to update their degree requirements to the new programs, if desired.

If you have questions regarding these new degree requirements, wish to declare a statistics major, or want to update your degree requirements, please contact Keelin and True, the departmental advisors, at or schedule an advising appointment here: 

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