Professor Xiaotong Shen Wins ICSA 2022 Distinguished Achievement Award

Headshot of Xiaotong Shen

The International Chinese Statistical Association (ICSA) has announced School of Statistics Professor Xiaotong Shen as the winner of its 2022 Distinguished Achievement Award. Shen’s recognition cites many achievements: “For fundamental and influential contributions in statistical theory and methodology, especially in machine learning, and non- and semi-parametric statistics; for excellent service to and leadership in statistical communities, including the International Chinese Statistical Association; for exemplifying mentorship of students and junior faculty.”

The ICSA has over 1,000 active members and publishes two scientific journals: Statistica Sinica and Statistics in Biosciences. Professor Shen is a current co-editor of Statistica Sinica. The Distinguished Achievement Award is bestowed upon individuals “In recognition of the distinguished achievement in statistical research and unselfish support of the association.”

View the ICSA award information for full details.

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