UMN Statisticians Awarded 2021 Youden Prize

2021 Youden Prize: Best Expository Paper in Technometrics
Appearing from left to right: Daniel Eck, Dennis Cook, Thomas Albrecht, and Christopher Nachtsheim

Statistics alumni Daniel J. Eck, Christopher J. Nachtsheim, and Thomas A. Albrecht, and professor emeritus R. Dennis Cook have been awarded the 2021 Youden Prize for the best expository paper in Technometrics in 2020, "Multivariate Design of Experiments for Engineering Dimensional Analysis." (DOI: 10.1080/00401706.2019.1585294.) 

The award is normally presented at the Fall Technical Conference of the of the American Statistical Association and the America Society for Quality, which has been canceled this year due to COVID. A webinar is being arranged for presentation of the paper.

Lead author, Daniel Eck, graduated from the School of Statistics in 2017. Dennis Cook was his advisor. 

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