Current Research Awards

Students and faculty gather for a discussion around a large conference table
Students and faculty gather for a discussion hosted by the Reproducibility Working Group, made possible by an Interdisciplinary Collaborative Workshop Award

Thanks to the tireless passion and effort of our faculty and students, the School of Statistics has had the honor of receiving 12 research awards over the years. Our awards reach across multiple fields and reflect our eagerness to collaborate with scholars and researchers from other fields such as the Medical School, veterinary medicine, forestry, and more.

Award Recipients

Ansu Chatterjee

On Conditional Statistical Procedures for Simultaneous Model Selection, Inference, and Prediction in Complex Climate Systems—National Science Foundation
ATD: Collaborative Research: Multivariate Quantiles for Rapid Spatio-Temporal Threat Detection—National Science Foundation

Charles Doss

Nonparametric Estimation and Inference: Shape Constraints, Model Selection, and Level Set Estimation—National Science Foundation

Tiefeng Jiang

Collaborative Research: Interface of Probability and Statistics for High-dimensional Inference—National Science Foundation

Xiaoou Li

Level Crossing of Likelihood Functions in Sequential Decision Problems and Statistical Learning—National Science Foundation

Adam Rothman

New Methods for Multivariate Analysis in High Dimensions—National Science Foundation

Xiaotong Shen

Estimation and Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks—NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Collaborative Research: Collaborative Learning for Multimodal Data—National Science Foundation
Collaborative Research: Video interpretation and Description—National Science Foundation

Lan Wang

Collaborative Research: High-Dimensional Projection Test—National Science Foundation
New Methodology and Theory for Optimal Treatment Regimes—National Science Foundation

Hui Zou

Collaborative Research: New Statistical Methods and Theory for High-Dimensional Data—National Science Foundation