Q&A with Bridget Brown (BA’ 21)

Headshot of Bridget Brown

What did you study and why did you choose your major and minor? 

My major is German, Scandinavian, Dutch with a German emphasis and I also have a psychology minor. Originally, I started college as a biology and German double major, but after transferring to the University my junior year, I decided to only pursue my German major. The classes that I have taken for the GSD major were unlike any other courses I’ve taken before. I loved learning more about the culture and history of Germany in addition to my language studies.

Which CLA class or professor has had the biggest impact on you? 

Ginny Steinhagen is amazing. She taught my Conversation and Composition class, and I have never felt like I learned more in one class than I did in hers. I had actually taken a class with the same title when I was at my previous college, but the course here was much more comprehensive. Ginny made the subject matter feel light and even made grammar lessons an enjoyable experience.

As for a class that had the biggest impact on me, Rick McCormick's Intro to German Cinema class was absolutely amazing. It was so different from any other class I've taken, and it was so interesting to see the evolution of cinema through the years, while also learning a lot about the culture behind the films. A lot of the films dealt with heavy topics related to social issues in Germany, ranging from the 1910s to present day. His class really brought German history to life through film. I also learned a lot about cinema, its progression, and how a film is made; it was really a novel and engaging course.

What experiences have you had outside of the classroom that enhanced your studies and career goals? 

I’ve worked for Backpack Communications as the CLA web content editor for the past two years, which has allowed me to gain experience in a different field and also grow my communication skills.

Which of the core career competencies do you think will help you the most in your future career? 

Analytical and critical thinking will help me the most. I think that in any field, the ability to think critically and analytically is very important. The focused ability to do so is a skill that can only help you in the workplace.

What advice will you give to freshmen looking to explore your major? 

Take the elective that sounds fun but might not be related to your future goals—you might find a new interest, hobby, or direction!

What are your plans after graduation? 

In the Fall, I'll be attending American University pursuing an MA in International Relations. 

What would you say has been your greatest achievement in college? 

Making the spring 2020 dean’s list. It was such a difficult semester for me academically, then COVID-19 hit and made everything even harder, but I finished the semester with all A’s!

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