Student Dance Artists on Working with Limón Dance Company

3 dancers standing on one leg each with arms reaching upwards
Photo from Northrop

Before their November 18th performance, Dance BFA students Claire Wilcox ('24) and Hina Sasaki ('25) answered questions about working with the Limón Dance Company. Purchase tickets to the event here!

Claire Wilcox (she/they)

What has surprised you about working with the Limón Dance Company?

Working with the Limon dance company has been surprising in its commitment to evolving and pushing the historical work to be relevant and applicable to our current times.

How did your Dance experience at UMN prepare you for your performance with Limón?

My dance experience at UMN prepares me for my performance with Limon by providing a safe environment to experiment and take risks with my movement. Additionally, the community and mentors within the department support and encourage me to engage in this demanding and challenging process.


Hina Sasaki (she/her)

How did your Dance experience at UMN prepare you for your performance with Limón?

We started learning choreography and the technique at the same time and that helped me prepare for the performance, which made me dig into the work.

In what ways has this experience pushed you out of your comfort zone?

This was the first experience in that I was able to learn the post-modern technique which has a specific technique.

How will you take this experience with you throughout the rest of your undergraduate studies and future career?

It was my first experience learning with the professional dancers/directors in the world that I want to join. I will be holding the concentrations toward graduation and after the school year.

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