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Shadowy figures stand on stage

Ping Chong and Talvin Wilks on Collidescope 4.0: Speaking to an Ongoing American...

“As a nation, we are not comfortable talking about race, and yet race is central to the core being of this nation.” Professor Talvin Wilks and National Medal of Arts recipient Ping Chong brought their collaborative performance Collidescope 4.0: Adventures in Pre and Post-Racial America to the University of Minnesota.
Collidescope 4.0

Collidescope 4.0: Adventures in Pre & Post-Racial America

Collidescope 4.0 offers a collision course view of the legacy behind the history of racial violence, racism and social injustice in America. As seen through the gaze of an intergalactic time traveler, the investigation of this peculiar “nature” moves back and forth in time and space, specifically with a focus on the American psyche represented by contemplations of noted historical and contemporary writers and political figures.
Ruby Slippers

Ruby Slippers Return to Grand Rapids

“I’m a teacher at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Theater Arts and Dance, and I proposed the project to our department. So last fall I devised a play based on the theft with a group of university students,” Seifert continued. “We had a great time developing it, using the ‘Wizard of Oz,’ news clips, and documentaries, ultimately creating a Fargo-esque play that we performed at the university.”
Ananya Dance

"Dance Allows Met to Touch the Deepest of Human Sorrows"

"The gifts of dance practice are many: Precision, discipline, patience and humility are often talked about. Yet, if dancing were to be all about holding sculpturesque balances forever, or executing fast footwork, it would be difficult to sustain over the years. As a social-justice choreographer, I dance because it allows me to touch, metaphorically, the deepest of human sorrows and joys, to articulate often overlooked stories from global communities of women of color."
Portrait of David Melendez.

From California to Minnesota: Changing the Landscape of Representation in Theatre

PhD candidate David Melendez discusses his thoughts on marginalized theatrical communities and representation in the Twin Cities. Through his research, he’s looked at popular shows such as West Side Story and works to spread awareness about work that forces minority cultures into the past by refusing to recognize their existence at present.