Open Call for Submissions to 2021-22 Mainstage Season

From the BA Theatre Arts Season Selection Committee
UMTAD Call for Submissions


This is an open call to all UMN Theatre Arts & Dance students, faculty and staff to submit proposals for the 2021-2022 MainStage Season. These submissions will primarily be considered for the 2 Departmental Theatre productions, collaborating amongst BA Theatre Arts, MFA Design & Technology, and MA/PhD. Submit your proposal here

We are primarily looking for submissions with a focus on: 
          A. Centering the Intersection of Marginalized Voices in our Community including: LBGTQIA+ & BIPOC
          B. Ability & Disability (including mental health issues) 
          C. Theatre that both entertains and invokes conversations
And submissions in the following artistic styles:   
          1. Comedy Styles  
          2. New Musical theatre 
          3. Global Scene
          4. Heightened Text
          5. Period Piece 
          6. Creative Collaborations that grow into a MainStage  

However, we welcome any submissions from UMN TAD students, faculty, and staff.


About the Season Selection Committee

The Season Selection Committee is a group of faculty, students and staff that curates production seasons to enliven the intersections between the BA, MFA and MA/PhD programs of study. The 2020-21 committee members include:  Alexa Lewis, Ani Mosity, Chelsea Masteller Warren, Christine Swartout, Dave Michaeli, Jacob Badovski, Jason Allyn-Schwerin, John Patterson, Kimberly Lawler, Kyra Rahn, Lisa Channer, Rachel Brees, Sara Pillatzki-Warzeha, Sonja Kuftinec and Talvin Wilks.

Graduate Students
Undergraduate Students
Creative Activities
Research and Creative Work
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