Virtual Performances & Projects

Tech Rehearsal
Tech Rehearsal for 'DENIM' (2019) Photo by Dan Norman

Welcome to our virtual performance center! Like many, March 13 marked a pivot point for the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance. As we prepared for a variety of performances, classes, rehearsals, conferences, and more.. students, faculty, and staff were immediately challenged to reposition their expertise, art, and development in new and creative ways. Below is a portal to videos, narratives, songs, and other student-created artwork that we encourage you to explore. 

The Caucasian Chalk Circle


Please enjoy this documentary chronicling the creation of the design elements for The Caucasian Chalk Circle, which would have been performed at the Dowling Studio this Spring.

The UMN/Guthrie BFA Acting fourth year company were in the process of preparing for their final performance of their undergraduate careers, 'The Caucasian Chalk Circle' by Bertolt Brecht, Translation by Alistair Beaton, which was to be performed in the Dowling Studio of the Guthrie Theater, April 17-26, 2020. For an introduction of the projects, please read the Director's Note by James A. Williams below. You can also view the headshots and resumes of our UMN/Guthrie BFA Acting 2020 Company.

TH3381 Storytelling and Solo Performance

Please enjoy this exceptional collection of personal stories and imaginative narratives created by the students of the class.  They are important, provocative and powerful creations and I hope that you take some time to view them.

TH1321 Fundamentals of Performance

Please enjoy this collection of theme-based presentations created by the students of the class.  The creations are imaginative, playful and fun.  A great way to conclude a challenging semester!


As the year concludes, we will be sharing a variety of virtual projects on this page. Please email with any questions.