On Purpose: Portrait of Theatre Arts & Dance

To commemorate our 150th anniversary in 2018, the College of Liberal Arts commissioned 60 photographs taken by Xavier Tavera. Departments and programs partnered with Tavera to envision their images and to write the narratives that accompany each photograph. View On Purpose: Portrait of the Liberal Arts.

Two students and a faculty member face a seated student in a costume.


What is Body/Matters?

Your body matters and we want to talk about it. My body matters and I want to talk about it. Body/Matters is a student-led discussion that focuses on bodies in space. Any voices, any opinions, any bodies are welcome!

Why Body/Matters.

To create dialogue and thoughts. As people who work in performance, we are constantly grappling with the question of what our bodies do in space. As collaborators, we understand that we have a mutual responsibility to care and see one another. Through peer-to-peer discussion, we as students can uplift our agency in our bodies and how we share space and create meaning.

Through Body/Matters. . .

We generated this list, which articulates our needs in a rehearsal and workspace. Out of this one discussion with our fellow students, we hope to continue finding ways to create practices of care and recognition for ourselves, others in our lives, and our department.

“What do you need?”

Space to fail


A moment alone / to self

Equality (feeling of)

Ability to ask questions

Being gendered correctly

Ability to breathe


Use of name

Ability to be social / self outside of the work

Be seen / eye contact

Prepping / warming up the body before diving in

Encouraged to speak up when you need something

Permission to detach from the work / untangle

Sense of independence


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