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Educational Background & Specialties

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. : Sociology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, 1996.
  • J.D.: magna cum laude, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, 1987.
  • M.A: Sociology, University of Iowa, Iowa, 1987.
  • B.S.: Sociology, summa cum laude, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, 1983.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Sociology of Law
  • Globalization
  • Children’s and Women’s Rights
Courses Taught
  • Soc 3090 - Topics: Global Perspective on Women's Health
  • Soc 4101W - Sociology of Law
  • Soc 4170/Glos 4406 - Sociology of International Law
  • Soc 4966W - Senior Projects
  • Soc 8090 - Topics: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Human Rights
Research & Professional Activities

Professional Activities

  • Affiliate Faculty: University of Minnesota College of Law , 1996 - present
  • Board of Trustees: Law & Society Association, 2012-2014, 2003-2005.
  • Council Member: Sociology of Law Section of the American Sociological Association, 2014-2016.
  • Chair: Sociology of Law Section of the American Sociological Association, 2010-11.


  • Abortion Politics in the Global Arena: Transnational organizations from the International Planned Parenthood Association to the Roman Catholic Church have gotten involved in shaping abortion policies around the world. How has this affected governments’ regulation of abortion and what are the implications for women?
  • IPUMS-Demographic and Health Surveys Project: Funded by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, this project enhances the ability to conduct comparative research with DHS data for scholars and policymakers around the globe
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  • Faculty Mentoring Award, Sociology Department, University of Minnesota, 2011, 1998.