K–16 Educators

Over the past four years, the African Studies Initiative (ASI), in conjunction with the Institute for Global Studies (IGS), has offered a range of professional development opportunities to K–16 educators.  See below for resources from these programs, as well as an archive of past ASI and IGS events and announcements of upcoming and future programs for K–16 educators, which continue under IGS auspices.

Resources for Educators

In conjunction with IGS professional development opportunities, licensed K–12 teachers have developed a rich array of units, lesson plans, websites, and resource lists.  Lessons are linked to state standards.  Many resources featured on this page highlight creative ways to bring Africa into the curriculum.

Professional Development for Educators

IGS provides professional development opportunities for K–16 teachers on global and international topics. We are dedicated to teaching international studies and increasing global literacy in students.  Many of the workshops, summer institutes, book clubs, and other opportunities featured in these pages engage African topics.  See what lies ahead.