Career Exploration

Whether you are pursuing a career in community outreach, regional planning, private or nonprofit organizations, politics, business, law and policy, or education, studying American Indian Studies will give you the analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills you need to be successful throughout your career.


When you graduate, you will have the skills necessary for employment by entities such as tribal governments, state civil rights and American Indian commissions, regional planning and development commissions, federal and state agencies involving American Indian matters, law firms, private and non-profit organizations, and interest groups that work on Native-related issues.


American Indian studies is an excellent place to prepare for a health career. Our major can help you work with specific communities. Learn more about pre-health at the University.

Graduate Studies

If you pursue a graduate or professional degree, you will be prepared to enter any number of programs depending on your intellectual interests: environmental studies, history, public health, law, education, fine arts, digital and media production, business and entrepreneurship, tribal governance, political science, and of course, American Indian Studies—among many others.

Skills & Knowledge

The keys to any of these paths will be your ability to communicate effectively and appling your knowledge to solve problems. American Indian Studies majors receive extensive training in these skill sets, in addition to being equipped with wide-ranging knowledge of past and present American Indian issues.

What will I do with my degree?

Majoring in American Indian Studies will give you the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to become a next-generation community leader. As an AIS major, you will build a broad understanding of cross-cultural and diversity issues with expertise in American Indian affairs, cultural diversity, and minority perspectives.

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