Degree Programs and Courses

American Indian Studies Major

American Indian Studies is a field of study dedicated to advancing awareness and understanding of the histories and contemporary experiences of American Indian people. The Department of American Indian Studies offers two tracks that are focused on distinct areas of study:

All majors graduate with a BA in American Indian Studies.

American Indian Studies Minor

The Department of American Indian Studies offers a minor to supplement majors in other areas of study.

Ojibwe Language Major

The Ojibwe language is an indigenous language of Minnesota and is taught as part of the curriculum in the Department of American Indian Studies. In this major, students will gain not only an in-depth grammatical knowledge of this beautiful language, but also an opportunity to develop a high oral proficiency. To complete this major, you will need to complete 4 years of Ojibwe language.

Individualized Degree Programs

Independent study options and innovative experiential learning opportunities are available to match your individual career needs and interests.

Honors Students

University Honors Program (UHP) students have the opportunity to graduate with Latin honors (cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude), a nationally recognized symbol of academic achievement. See their website for information regarding admission to the program, requirements, and planning.