Clubs and Organizations


Group Lacrosse

You can get involved with the American Indian community on campus through student organizations, clubs, and events. Create lasting memories while building supportive networks and expanding your intellectual horizons!

Our student groups provide:

  • Connections to communities and support systems
  • Resources to develop your leadership and teamwork skills
  • Opportunites to expand your social and career networks

Circle of Indigenous Nations (COIN)

The Circle of Indigenous Nations (COIN) is an environment where you can feel a sense of community on campus. The mission of COIN is to recruit, retain, and graduate American Indian students by promoting cultural values that help you become self-directed, excel academically, and succeed in all areas of your academic pursuits and career aspirations. The Circle of Indigenous Nations contributes to the strengthening and development of all students through culturally specific services and activities and by keeping you connected to the University's resources.

COIN connects you with:

COIN can also connect you with the Twin Cities American Indian community and education programs. You can participate in annual powwows, traditional storytelling events, guest speaker luncheons, and civic engagement programs.


Email, call 612-624-2555 or stop by 322 Appleby Hall for more information.

You can also check out COIN on Facebook.

American Indian Student Cultural Center (AISCC)

The American Indian Student Cultural Center (AISCC) promotes cultural diversity, develops leadership in American Indian students at the University, and promotes the understanding of American Indian people, issues, history, and culture. This group bridges the gap between you and American Indian culture by bringing in Native scholars and hosting events open to the entire University community. The Cultural Center is a great place for you to meet new friends or relax between classes, and also a resource for academic support.

Group activities include:

  • Frybread Fridays
  • Fall Round Dance
  • Winter Storytelling and Feast
  • Spring Powwow
  • Honoring American Indian Women Luncheon
  • And other events throughout the school year!


Email, call 612-624-0243 or stop by 234 Coffman Memorial Union for more information.

You can also check out AISCC on Facebook.

American Indian Cultural House

The American Indian Cultural House is a co-ed residence hall community on the East Bank, available to any incoming first-year freshmen and PSEO students. You may be a student from any of the University's colleges as long as you are interested in past and contemporary American Indian issues and intercultural learning.

The American Indian Cultural House is a supportive community where your academic experiences will be nurtured and enriched. We help new students make friends and find their niche on campus. In this learning community, students can live and study together. You will also have the opportunity to explore your own identity and learn about the experiences of others. You can get involved with American Indian student organizations on campus and assist in special events like powwows, traditional storytelling evenings, and special speakers.


Contact Delaney Anderson for more information at 612-624-0564 (800-752-1000 toll-free) or e-mail

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) is a private, non-profit organization that bridges science and technology with traditional Native values. AISES' goal is to be a catalyst for the advancement of American Indians as they grow to become self-reliant and self-determined members of society. Our student chapter supports students in science, engineering, and other science-related fields.

Membership for AISES is open to students who may not be of American Indian descent. Educational and cultural exposure can benefit any student who is interested in:

  • Finding peers and mentors in a science-related field and networking with Native American students and professionals
  • Building a transcript or resume with extracurricular activities (national, regional, and leadership conferences; community outreach programs; retreats)
  • Accessing scholarships, internships, workshops, career fairs, or conferences exclusive to AISES members


Contact @aises_umn_tc Instagram page. 

Canoe Rising

Canoe Rising is a student group at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities devoted to studying indigenous canoe cultures and the kinships between indigenous communities, their respective homelands and non-human relatives. It works closely with the UMN American Indian Studies Department and provides opportunities for students, faculty, staff and community members to paddle on Minnesota waterways on indigenous watercrafts. It serves as a social, cultural and academic space for anyone and everyone interested in furthering their knowledge and awareness of global indigenous environmental struggles, indigenous cultures and history, activism and environmental stewardship.


Email Gabriela Ines Diaz at or check out the Canoe Rising Facebook page.