Career Fields

Liberal arts degrees lead to a diverse range of career paths in a large variety of career fields. Explore the eight career fields below to learn about some of the career possibilities that exist with a CLA degree. On each career field page you’ll find:

  • Career Information, including: Job Titles & Descriptions, Job Opportunities, Job Search Advice, and Job Search, Professional Organizations, & Networking Websites
  • Tips for how to Prepare for this Career Field, including: Do Internships, Talk to Professionals, Join a Student Group
  • A link to join this Career Field Community so that you’ll get a monthly email update which will include: job and internship postings, events, featured careers, student & alumni profiles, articles & blogs, and more!

If you're looking for information about what you can do with each of the CLA's majors, check out the What Can I Do with a Major WCIDWAMI (pronounced "wicked-whammy") website.

Performing Arts, Entertainment, Visual Arts, Film, Museums
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Consulting, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Data Science, Insurance
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Communications & Media
Advertising, Public Relations, Journalism, Publishing, Writing, Editing, Visual Communication, Technical Writing

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Teaching, Higher Education, Secondary Education, Libraries
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Government & Law
Pre-Law, Law Enforcement, Paralegal, Lobbying, Public Advocacy, Politics, Local, Federal, & State Government, International Affairs
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Healthcare & Science
Pre-Health, Public Health, Pharmacy, Biology, Forensic Science, Chemistry, Physics
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Nonprofit & Advocacy
NGOs, Social Work, Counseling, Social Services, Human Services
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Information Technology, Computer Science, Data
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