Regis Center for Art 20th Anniversary Exhibitions: Works by Faculty and Staff

The Department of Art presents the work of current faculty and staff, one of three anniversary exhibitions celebrating the Regis Center for Art.
Yellow images of Regis Center for Art building facade above "20th Anniversary" and "Works by Faculty & Staff" on two-tone red background
Artworks in a large gallery
Installation view of Works by Faculty & Staff. Foreground: Rotem Tamir, This is the most beautiful dragon I ever saw, 2014. Red and white oak, Alderwood, milk paint, cardboard, foam insulation, screws, wood glue, leather, velvet.
Ceramic diamond with four-petal flower
Kimberlee Roth, Yellow-Green Flower with Blue Tiles, 2017. Porcelain
Two paintings in orange and purple of a face and a skull
Kristen Sanders, Head Study, 2022; Fragment Study, 2023. Acrylic on canvas over wood panel
Painting of two women sitting with a baby and a sleeping cat
Leslie Barlow, Friday morning visit (detail), 2023. Oil, acrylic, thread, fabric on canvas
Gray abstract artwork with purple and orange circle
Isa Gagarin, Ocean’s Belly Button (detail), 2022. Earth pigment, casein, acrylic, newsprint, silk,
A strand of rhinestones casts a shadow reading "Alive with pleasure"
Emma Beatrez, Alive with Pleasure, 2022. Soldered rhinestones, steel
Collage of frantic shapes inside a Black man's face
Lamar Peterson, Distraught (detail), 2016. Acrylic and mixed media on paper
Films projected in a dark gallery
At left: Sam Hoolihan, Kenilworth, 2022. 16mm film, color, silent, 12 min. At right: Pao Houa Her, Kuv nco koj, rov qab los (I miss you, come back), 2022. Two-channel video and audio installation, color, sound, 21 min. approx. Courtesy of the artist and Bockley Gallery
White paper cutouts over blue background
Sonja Peterson, Abyssal Engineers (detail), 2016 - 2023. Cut paper, acrylic, and plexi
Photo of a soldier holding a gun
Teréz Iacovino, Julio en la Luna (July on the Moon) (detail), 2023. Found photograph, acrylic, graphite, paper, wood
A dress made of cards hangs in an art gallery
Left: Emmett Ramstad, Study for Endless Supply, 2023. Cedar fencing, tissue boxes. Middle: Caitlin Skaalrud, The Tower, 2023.
Risograph print. The Sun, 2023. Risograph print. Right: Lynda Pavek, Fancy Dress Category: What's for Dinner?, 2023. Sewn paper cards.
Film still of a dog running through winter woods
Rolf Belgum, In the wake of a second cook (still), 2017, 72 min.
Exhibition banner in hallway under "Katherine E. Nash Gallery"

September 12 – December 9, 2023

Regis Center for Art 20th Anniversary: Works by Faculty & Staff

Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Regis Center for Art

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Regis Center for Art, this exhibition showcases the talent and diverse practices of the Department of Art's current regular faculty, lecturers, visiting fellows, and staff. Artists in the exhibition include Jonathan Aller, Christine Baeumler, Leslie Barlow, Emma Beatrez, Rolf Belgum, Melissa Cooke Benson, D’Angelo Christian, Sean Connaughty, Chotsani Elaine Dean, Stephanie DeArmond, Fidencio Fifield-Perez, Emily Fritze, Isa Gagarin, Jim Gubernick, Monica Moses Haller, Christopher E. Harrison,  Karen Haselmann, Jim Hittinger, Pao Houa Her, Sam Hoolihan, Regina Hopingardner, Teréz Iacovino, Chris Larson, Amanda Lee, Paul Linden, Lynn Lukkas, Howard Oransky, Alonzo Pantoja, Lynda Pavek, Lamar Peterson, Sonja Peterson, Thalia Drori Ramirez, Emmett Ramstad, Kimberlee Joy Roth, Sarah Sampedro, Kristen Sanders, Christopher Selleck, Christina Schmid, Jenny Schmid, Mark Schoening, Robin Schwartzman, Paul Shambroom, Lila Shull, Caitlin Skaalrud, Caroline Houdek Solomon, Rotem Tamir, Meng Tang, Erika Terwilliger, Priya Thoresen, Diane Willow, Russ White, Tetsuya Yamada, Marcus Young 楊墨, and Mathew Zefeldt.

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 28, 5 – 8pm

Part of the Regis Center for Art 20th Anniversary Celebration.

The Katherine E. Nash Gallery spans 5,000 square feet for the presentation of exhibitions and related programming that engage with a wide range of artists, scholars, and collaborative partners.

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