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2020 BA Graduates Online Exhibit

29 Artists Showcased
May 14, 2020


"As artists, you have so much to offer and you are uniquely equipped to help others see the world in new ways. You are literally the future, and you have the power to define what that future will look like. I want to congratulate you on earning your degree and all you’ve accomplished during your time at the University of Minnesota!"

—Lynn Lukkas  
Department of Art
Professor and Chair

The University of Minnesota Department of Art is proud to present here 29, an online exhibition that features the artistry of 29 artists / 2020 graduates that have earned their Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. here 29 reflects themes of thinking, feeling, and being through a variety of artistic approaches and mediums—animation, ceramics, drawing, mixed-media, painting, photography, sculpture and game design. As a culmination of their rigorous studies, each artist has produced a body of thought-provoking work that expresses their unique identity, passions and how they imagine themselves in the world. The exhibition reflects, conjures and challenges what it means to be here now.

Emmett Ramstad, BA Capstone Instructor, notes, “I am so impressed by the rigor and dedication these artists have shown to their art during this challenging time. This exhibition reflects, conjures and challenges what it means to be ‘here’ now for which I am deeply grateful.”
All of us in the Department of Art are inspired by these 29 individuals that were able to pivot quickly, yet sustain a high level of artistic and academic dedication. We are grateful of your tenacity--know that it is through our collective spirit that we move towards hope.  Explore the Exhibit!