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2020 BFA Graduates Online Exhibit

i’m so close to loving you, an online exhibition
May 14, 2020


“Life has a way of surprising us, and though it may not seem like it right now, there will be lessons from this situation that we would not have otherwise learned had we not lived through it. For many, it will be a fundamental change in who we are, what we do, what we expect of ourselves, how we respond to the world, and ultimately what kind of art we make...As artists, you have so much to offer and you are uniquely equipped to help others see the world in new ways. I want to congratulate you on earning your degree and all you’ve accomplished during your time at the University of Minnesota! This is an important milestone in life. Take the time to celebrate, to play, to rejoice, and to be proud of what you have accomplished.”

--Lynn Lukkas, Professor & Chair, Department of Art
The University of Minnesota Department of Art is pleased to present i’m so close to loving you, an online exhibition that features artists / 2020 Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) graduates. All art is of its time. The things we make are colored and scented and textured by what is in the air, what is rumbling up from the ground, by the light and radiation we work under. The social, emotional, and political atmosphere gets baked into our work. Whether an artist is firing a glaze, inking a plate, developing negatives, drawing a brush across a surface, transforming materials with their hands, or pushing pixels—even subtle differences in the sky and the heart leave their marks on our creations. The global spread of COVID-19 has impacted our lives and souls in both small and gargantuan ways. Few artists wish to be identified within a narrow band of circumstances or methods. The work of this talented and dedicated group bears the mark of this time, but it is not defined nor limited by it.

Paul Shambroom, Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies, remarked, “It has been an enormous privilege to work with these students. Their courage, talent, good humor, and generosity towards each other is inspirational, and will no doubt become enmeshed in our collective memory of this time. We will all be hearing and seeing a lot from them through their artwork very soon and far into the future.”
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