Study Abroad

Our department encourages students to think globally and broaden their horizons by connecting their education on campus with a deeper cultural engagement through study abroad. We have general programs in China, Japan, South Korea, India, Jordan, Morocco, and Taiwan. We also have language-specific programs offered in Arabic, Chinese, Hmong, Japanese, and Korean. Most programs offer both language and culture classes. Internships may also be available.

To learn more about study aboard, attend a first-step meeting with the Learning Abroad Center. Email the Learning Abroad Center ( or stop by Heller Hall for more information. Schedule an appointment with both your major/minor and college advisor before and after to have courses approved for credit. Pre-¬≠study abroad planning does not automatically mean that courses abroad will be approved. After your time abroad, bring back any relevant syllabi and major work assignments you may have completed as part of the program. These will be reviewed as part of your post-study abroad meeting.