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Scholarships & Grants

Departmental Scholarships

  • The Lawrence Scholarships in Experiential Learning are $2,000 scholarship supports CLA undergraduate students majoring/minoring in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. Read about our students' internship experiences.
  • The Ming Li Tchou Scholarship supports students in the Departments of History and Asian & Middle Eastern Studies who are interested in pursuing a degree focused on China studies. The Scholarship was established to help students deepen their understanding of China and encourage them to engage in the ongoing work of dialogue and mutual understanding in U.S.-China relations.
  • The Lin Zhen Scholarship in Chinese Language and Taiwan Studies is awarded to support AMES majors and minors and students in the Integrated BA/MA and MA in Asian Studies programs travel to Taiwan and/or study of the Chinese language. Two are awarded each year.
  • The Hmong Studies Program Fund supports the Hmong Studies Program and may be used for study abroad program participation support, awards, activities, and other general program needs

College of Liberal Arts Scholarships

The College of Liberal Arts offers scholarships for continuing students currently enrolled in CLA. Each year, academically talented CLA students receive scholarships based on need or merit; these scholarships can be geared towards CLA students who are:

To apply online, complete the application for the CLA Continuing Student Scholarships. Get an overview of available scholarships and financial resources with CLA Student Resources.

Language Scholarships:

  • Critical Language Scholarships fully support ten weeks of intensive study of a language judged critical to U.S. diplomatic interests, including Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Turkish.
    • Classes are held during the summer in foreign countries and are both linguistically and culturally immersive. Applicants may need intermediate or advanced knowledge of some languages in order to participate.
    • All applicants must be able to articulate their plans for continuing to develop and use their language skills after completing the program.
    • This program is especially good for science and engineering students with full course schedules.
    • Application opens in mid-September and applications are due in mid-November. See the CLS web-site for more information and contact the Office of National and International Scholarships for advice on applications.
  • Boren Scholarships provide funding opportunities for U.S. undergraduate students to study less commonly taught languages in world regions critical to U.S. interests, and underrepresented in study abroad, including Africa, Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East.
    • Awards range from $8000 to $20,000 depending on the length of the study program.
    • Preference will be given to proposals for countries, languages, and fields of study critical to U.S. national security and to students who will study abroad for longer periods of time, and who are highly motivated by the opportunity to work in the federal government.
    • Boren Scholars must agree to spend at least a year working for the Federal government in an area with national security responsibilities.
    • Students must apply through the University of Minnesota and should contact the Office of National and International Scholarships about the application process. The campus deadline for applications is mid-November and the national deadline is early-February. See the Boren website for more information.
  • Foreign Language and Area Studies Scholarships (FLAS) support students who are US citizens or permanent residents and who are enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a University of Minnesota degree program that combines modern foreign language training with international, Asian and/or African area studies, or with international aspects of professional or other field of study.
  • Blakemore Freeman Fellowships are awarded for one academic year of advanced level language study in an approved program in East or Southeast Asia.
    • Eligible languages are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Burmese, Indonesian, Khmer, Thai, and Vietnamese. Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents who have completed an undergraduate degree by the start of the grant, be at or near an advanced level in the language, and be pursuing a professional, business, technical or academic career that involves the regular use of a modern East or Southeast Asian language.
    • Applications open in early-July and are due in late-December. View the application.
    • For more information contact the Office of National and International Scholarships,
  • The Min (Amy) Xu and Michael Schumann Scholarship through the China Center offers support to University of Minnesota students interested in China or its culture by providing financial support to help with their academic progress and to help meet the costs of obtaining a college education.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Other Scholarships

  • AANAPISI Scholarship supports Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) students to complete their college education.
    • Applicants must be of Asian and/or Pacific Islander ethnicity as defined by the U.S. Census, be a citizen, national, or legal permanent resident of the United States (citizens of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, and the Republic of Palau are also eligible), and be enrolled as a full-time student in a degree-seeking undergraduate program.
    • Application is available on the APIA website 
    • For more information contact the Asian Pacific American Resource Center
  • ACOR Academic Fellowships for professional scholars, graduate students, and undergraduates.
    • Fellowships are available for Americans, Jordanians, Canadians, and scholars of other nationalities.
    • Find more information on Undergraduate Fellowships on the ACOR website