Asian American Studies Courses

Undergraduate students looking for an Asian American studies course have a wealth of options that can satisfy multiple catalog requirements, including diversity credits and writing-enhanced curriculums.

Courses in the Asian American Studies Program (AAS) are taught by faculty members from several different University departments, including African American & African studies, American Indian studies, English, history, psychology, and sociology. Through this unique approach, students enrolled in Asian American studies courses can explore interdisciplinary research and creative activities by delving into the histories, cultures, communities, experiences, and contemporary issues of Asian Americans.

We offer courses each year to help you:

  • Fulfill your requirements for the Asian American studies minor
  • Fulfill your requirements for another degree program, such as the University Honors Program
  • Fulfill your liberal education (LE) and writing intensive (WI) requirements
  • Take electives that interest you

Other courses with Asian American studies content may be petitioned to count for the minor.

Fall 2023

 Course Number Course Title Section
AAS 1101 Imagining Asian America  
AAS 3211W Race and Racism in the U.S.  
AAS 3251W Race, Class and Gender   
HMED 3345 Medicine, Health, and Diseases in East Asia  
AAS 3351 Asian Americans and Popular Culture  
AAS 3483 Hmong History Across the Globe  
AAS 4232 American Drama by Writers of Color