New Book Announcement: Menschen und ihre Biografien: Mitteleuropäische Lebenswege im Brennpunkt

Book Cover of Menschen und ihre Biografien

A new book, co-edited by this year's BMBWF Doctoral Research Fellow Silke Antje Niklas, examines the lives of different individuals from Central Europe who are at the center of historical research.  Covering a broad chronological span from the Reformation through the twenty-first century, the book's various chapters discuss diverse figures from Charles VI to Viktor Orbán and illustrate how biographical analysis can provide new insights into social, political, economic, and cultural trends.   The collection brings together exciting research from emerging scholars in Central Europe and demonstrates the possibilities offered by biographical research.

Niklas not only co-edited the volume and co-wrote the introduction, along with Beáta Márkus and Martina Medolago, but also contributed her own chapter on Marcel Breuer.  This research is connected to her larger dissertation project, which she is working on this year while in residence at the Center for Austrian Studies.  More information about the book can be found here.

Congratulations to Silke Niklas and all the contributors!

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