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2017 Summer Research Grants in Austrian/Central European Studies for UMN graduate...

The Center for Austrian Studies is able to offer a limited number of Summer 2017 Research Grants of $3,000 - $5,000. The grants are intended to provide financial support to currently enrolled University of Minnesota graduate students in order to further their progress towards the degree. Applications are welcome from all disciplines with a connection to Austrian/Central European Studies.

CAS Graduate Student Symposium / Workshop Program (Apr 1-3)

The 15th and 16th centuries in Europe witnessed a complex, large scale sociocultural transformation that traditional historiography has characterized as the transition from the Late Middle Ages to Early Modern era. Latin Christendom underwent a series of changes that led it from crisis through reform through confessionalization, while social and political organization developed from universalist claims of medieval monarchy to early modern princely states and oligarchic republics. Although no one today would advocate any sharp line dividing the Middle Ages from modernity, the social and religious change remains a phenomenon that calls for explanation. This seminar brings together European and North American graduate students from several disciplines who are working on dissertations related to this general theme.