Upcoming UMN Courses Relevant to Austrian Studies

Fall 2020 Courses Relating to Austrian Studies

HIST 3244: History of Eastern Europe -- MW 11:15-12:30 PM
    Howard Louthan -- hlouthan@umn.edu 

HIST 3281: European Intellectual History: The Early Modern Period, Antiquity to 1750 -- MW 9:45-11:00AM 
    JB Shank -- jbshank@umn.edu 

HIST 3361W: World War I: A Global History -- TTH 9:45-11:00AM 
    Saje Mathieu -- smathieu@umn.edu 

HIST 3615W: Women in European History: 1500 to Present -- T 2:30-5:00PM
    MJ Maynes -- mayne001@umn.edu 

HIST 3708: The Age of Curiosity: Art, Science & Technology in Europe, 1400-1800-- MW 10:10-11:00AM 
    Michael Gaudio -- gaudio@umn.edu  

HIST 3721: Studies in 20th-Century Europe From the Turn of the Century to the End of World War II: 1900-45 -- ONLINE 
    Patrick Wilz -- wilzx003@umn.edu 

HIST 3727 / RELS 3520 / JWST 3520: History of the Holocaust -- MW 1:00PM-2:15PM 
    Sheer Ganor -- sganor@umn.edu 

POL 3451W: Politics and Society in the New Europe -- TTH 4:00PM-5:15PM
    Kati Mohammad-Zadeh -- moha003@umn.edu 

HIST 8900: Religion and Violence in the Premodern World -- T 1:25PM-3:20PM
    Howard Louthan -- hlouthan@umn.edu 

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