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How to Connect with CLA Students

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We’ll help you recruit and hire quality people—the ones you need immediately as well as the ones you’ll need in the future.

We’ll also help you position yourself strategically to do so, whether you’re looking to fill internships, entry-level positions, or both.

Stay in Touch

The best way to build your visibility in CLA
—and, ultimately, your recruiting and hiring
success—is to regularly connect with
students in a variety of ways.

Contact us to discuss your ideas.
We’ll help you develop targeted outreach
to students.

CLA Employer Engagement

Our Employer Engagement Team is your partner, and together we can develop a comprehensive recruiting strategy that really works for you and your organization, both now and in the years to come.

Recruit CLA Students

CLA Career Services coordinates on-campus recruiting events during both the fall and spring semesters. You have multiple options for recruiting CLA candidates on campus:

Use GoldPASS powered by Handshake

GoldPASS powered by Handshake is the University of Minnesota’s job posting system where you can post employment opportunities (internship, full-time and volunteer opportunities)—for free—collect candidate résumés, register for events, schedule on-campus interviews, and more.

Interview on Campus

You can request on-campus interview space in our Interview Center (free of charge!) for full-time positions that require a bachelor’s degree or for internships that require students to be working toward a bachelor’s degree.

We encourage you to submit your on-campus interview request(s) early because space on campus fills quickly. To request an on-campus interview date, create an account in GoldPASS and click on “Request an Interview” on your home dashboard.

Important note: Before requesting a date, check the UMN’s academic calendar (choose “Twin Cities” and the year) to avoid selecting a date during student breaks. In addition, after you’ve conducted on-campus interviews, please report your hiring results to CLA Employer Engagement at

Conduct Virtual Interviews

You can also conduct virtual interviews (via computer or phone) for your full-time and internship opportunities.

Participate in Recruiting Events

Looking to meet hundreds of CLA students quickly and build your brand substantially? Be sure to attend recruiting events such as the fall CLA Internship & Career Fair and the spring University of Minnesota Job and Internship Fair.

Find these events and others in the "Fairs" and "Events" sections of GoldPASS.

Plan an Event of Your Own—We Can Help!

Do you have an idea for a recruiting event you’d like to try—either something brand new or an event you’ve done successfully on other campuses? We can partner with you and make it happen! Sample recruiting events:

  • Information Sessions. If you’d like to host an information session for CLA students, we can help promote it. Contact CLA Employer Engagement to discuss space, organizational, and promotional options for your session.
  • Recruiting Tables. Reserve a recruiting table in the main student center for the Twin Cities campus, Coffman Memorial Union to promote your organization and its opportunities to all U of M students. To reserve a table, contact Coffman Memorial Union directly. After you do so, let CLA Employer Engagement know; we’ll be glad to promote your visit to CLA students!

When You Extend Offers: A Recommended Timeline

Here in CLA and CLA Career Services, we believe that the best employment decisions for both students and employers are those that are made without pressure, and with the greatest amount of information.

It is the College of Liberal Arts’ policy that employers provide students with a reasonable amount of time to make a decision on an offer. In many cases, this may be a minimum of two (2) weeks after receiving a job/internship offer.

Students should not be pressured to make a decision before the two-week period concludes, nor should they be penalized for waiting until the deadline to make a decision.

Build Your Brand Through Engagement

If you’re like most organizations, you’re thinking not only about the people you need right now but also about the ones you’ll need next month, by the end of the year, even two years from now.

Long-term recruiting success requires consistent involvement, intentional relationship development, and thoughtful brand building. Candidates (especially students) need to know you and see you, and vice versa.

We can help with that, too! Here are ways you can get involved that will ensure recruiting success now and in the future.

Volunteer on Campus

CLA Career Services provides many employer engagement opportunities that will give you the chance to connect directly with CLA students. Among them:

  • Practice Interview Days. Facilitate practice interviews in our Interview Center. You’ll help students prepare for behavioral-based interview questions and provide them with tips about interviewing effectively and confidently.
  • Résumé reviews. Spend a couple of hours at CLA Career Services offering résumé feedback and tips to CLA students.
  • Classroom and/or event speaking. Be a presenter or panelist in one of our career development courses or at a career-related event. Discuss your career, provide advice on the job search, talk about how your own liberal arts degree has influenced your career, or share advice on how to make the most of college and other experiences.

Host a Site Visit

Invite a group of CLA students to your organization for a site visit that includes a tour, a presentation, and perhaps even networking with your employees. It’s an excellent way to connect with students, build your brand, and discuss the value of a liberal arts degree and the diverse career paths it can lead to.

Connect with Student Organizations

The U of M has hundreds of active student organizations. Contact these student-run clubs to inquire about presenting at one of their meetings or co-hosting an event with them. You can focus on CLA-affiliated groups specifically, or tap into the entire range of groups across the University.

Sponsor a Career Event or Resource

Organization-sponsored networking events, on or off campus, are a great way to build brand awareness. Financial gifts of all sizes benefit CLA students and increase your organization’s name recognition.

Speak with an Employer Engagement representative about your goals and interests. We can help you make it happen!

Join the CLA Career Services Employer Advisory Council

The CLA Career Services Employer Advisory Council brings together employment professionals whose expertise and feedback help CLA Career Services:

  • Better prepare CLA students for career opportunities (internships and full-time positions).
  • Ensure that CLA students are competitive in the industry and able to demonstrate proficiency in the CLA Core Career Competencies that signify career readiness.

To learn more about the CLA Career Services Employer Advisory Council contact Beth Lory, Assistant Director of CLA Employer Engagement, at or 612-624-7387.

Participate in the Maroon & Gold Network and the CLA LinkedIn Group

The University of Minnesota Alumni Association’s Maroon and Gold Network is an online platform that allows you to offer career-related advice to current UMN students as well as alumni. You can join this networking database, for free, as either a UMN alum. Students and alumni will then be able to contact you periodically, depending on your preferences.

Similarly, you can also network with CLA alumni and current students, and exchange career-related advice and resources, by joining and participating in the CLA LinkedIn group, which has more than 8,000 members.

Connect with more alumni activities through CLA Alumni Relations.