Student Groups

Why Get Involved with Student Groups?

Whether you join a well-established organization or help launch a new one, getting involved in student groups is a fantastic way to gain experience and develop the Teamwork (and quite possibly the Leadership) part of your Teamwork & Leadership Core Career Competency. You’ll work with fellow students to get things done, after all—to create some sort of positive change.

Some of the work you’ll do will already be precisely defined; some you’ll define as you go. Along the way you’ll be developing other Core Career Competencies as well:

  • Ethical Reasoning & Decision Making
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Digital Literacy

But there’s more to being involved with student organizations than just the work/experience aspect: It’s fun, too! 

Do you know that saying about all work and no play? You don’t have to be studying and/or working all the time. Getting involved in a student group is a great way to simply do something different and build friendships with other UMN students who share your interests and/or professional goals.

Finding Student Groups of Potential Interest

CLA has more than 20 student groups of its own that are affiliated with the college. So start researching the possibilities there.

You can also go to the GopherLink website and search by keyword or category to find organizations that fit your interests. There are more than 700 student groups on campus that meet regularly, host programs and events, and provide service to the greater Twin Cities area.

And don’t forget: If the type of group you’re looking to join doesn’t yet exist on our campus, you can start your own.

The CLA Career Readiness Guide covers gaining experience as well as a host of other topics you’ll need to consider as a liberal arts student. Access the guide online, or pick up a copy in CLA Career Services or in one of the CLA Academic Advising offices.