Learning Abroad

Studying abroad can enrich your Chicano and Latino studies major or minor by providing rich comparative contexts for thinking about some of the foundational theories and methods you’ve acquired around issues related to race, class, and colonial relationships.

If you want to continue to learn how to move comfortably in many different cultures, think seriously about taking advantage of a global education. To be an educated person in the 21st century, you must have the skills that come from exposure to other cultures and the understanding produced from the study of different societies and nations.

As Chicano and Latino studies students know, sensitivity, knowledge, and understanding are required to function both at home and in the increasingly diverse environment of the United States. As a Chicano and Latino studies student, you must be able to recognize transnational power relations and analyze how these processes affect various peoples with differing cultures, histories, and geographies. The learning abroad experience is exactly how you can build these skills and create a lifetime of memories. Learn more and apply through the Learning Abroad Center.