Major & Minor

Preparing you for what's ahead

We offer two degree options: a BA and a minor in Chicano & Latino studies.

Our programs are designed to incorporate the arts and literature, cultural studies, history, various social sciences, and policy studies. Our program's curriculum explores the dimensions of race, ethnicity, culture and identity, gender, and class in the United States. It focuses on the practical application of Chicano and Latino studies for career development in selected professions and service to the community based on an understanding of the humanities, social sciences, and the arts.

We also provide excellent preparation for students interested in teaching. Our programs offer exceptional courses for graduate education in a range of professional and academic fields. Moreover, we provide an outstanding preparation for a variety of positions in community organizations, social and public service, and the private sector.

All in all, our program provides a strong intellectual and critical foundation for success in a polyglot and multicultural world. We invite you to join us in redefining this world's traditional disciplinary boundaries and forms of representation.

Great for bilingual students

Bilingual/bicultural graduates are sought after more than ever before. Our degrees will provide you the knowledge, skills, and depth of understanding you need to become a life-long learner and to use the cultural competency you gain in your chosen profession. A student with a major or minor in Chicano and Latino studies has a good possibility of securing a position and advancing within. Although employment opportunities in regular classroom teaching and other careers have remained fairly constant, the number of positions for bilingual/bicultural graduates has continued to increase.