Real-World Experience

The Department of Chicano & Latino Studies offers undergraduate students a number of opportunities to get outside the classroom, obtain job skills and real-world experience, and make connections on campus and in the Chicano and Latino community. Below are just a few of the ways that students can become involved with work outside of their studies at the University:

  • Faculty Connections 

    The Department of Chicano & Latino Studies faculty centers student connections. CLS faculty prioritizes their respective community-engaged academic spheres. Students have opportunities to connect with faculty throughout their tenure in Chicano & Latino Studies at all academic levels.  
  • Internships & Volunteering

    Internships and volunteering give Chicano and Latino studies students the opportunity to collaborate and contribute to the success of a local, Latino-led or Latino-focused business or organization while gaining hands-on experience to supplement their education.
  • Community Engaged Classes

    There are various opportunities to register for community-engaged courses at both the introductory and upper-levels. Pipeline issues are central to our mission, as well as supporting community organizations, who amplify community voices and collective agency. 
  • National Student Exchange (NSE)

    Through the National Student Exchange, students can study at another school in the US or Canada for a semester or a year. You can choose from almost 200 schools and access many new classes while still earning credit toward your U of M degree.