English Major Spotlight: James Ellis

This new graduate will began an MFA in Creative Writing this summer
Head and shoulders of person with light skin and brown beard, wearing baseball cap and grey t-shirt

Year: Senior
Hometown: Westampton, NJ

Why did you choose to major in English?

I love the feeling I get from reading something that moves me. I wanted to understand that more.

What was the best part of your experience in the department?

The faculty are great! Every instructor I have worked with has a deep love for the humanities.

What is a favorite book you read for an English class?

I was assigned Citizen by Claudia Rankine in four different courses. I still learn so much from it. It's exceptional, and shows what can be done with form/genre.

What English course would you recommend for majors? For non-majors who want to take an English class?

There is so much variety! Something available for everyone. I noticed "The End of the World in Literature and History" [ENGL 3025] had a lot of non-majors enrolled. I would go with that.

What is your favorite thing about Pillsbury Hall?

When I started at the U, the English department was still in Lind Hall. I remember watching one of my graduate instructors defend her thesis and everyone was sweating. Pillsbury Hall is much more comfortable to sit in! The attic is gorgeous.

What are your next steps, after graduation?

In June, I'm heading down to Sewanee to begin my MFA program at the School of Letters.

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