Do you love to read?
Does the prospect of curling up with a good book put you in your happy place? If so, join the club. English is all about understanding, analyzing, and interpreting literary texts—especially through close and critical reading, but also by placing literature in relation to its many contexts, whether historical, cultural, intellectual, theoretical, aesthetic, social, or political.

Are you eager to write?
English can help you harness your creative energy through practicing the art of writing and revision in multiple genres and studying models of literary craft across the centuries. Whether you favor traditional or experimental writing, English will expose you to the literary techniques and traditions you need to inspire your best work.

Are you ready to change the world?
English is spoken and written around the globe, so if you want to change the world, English can help you do it. By majoring (or minoring) in English or minoring in Creative Writing, you will acquire the skills and knowledge you need to affect change in whatever way you see fit—through editing and publishing, teaching, or working in law, business, government, the nonprofit sector, and many other fields.