English Major Spotlight: Adelle Schlensker

Majoring in English and minoring in creative writing is preparing this senior for careers in many different fields
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Year: Senior
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Why did you choose to major in English?

My love for reading is what initially drew me to English. Since then, I have enjoyed growing as a critic and communicator. 

What has been your favorite part of your experience in the department?

Looking back and seeing growth in my writing is extremely gratifying. 

Are you pursuing any majors, minors, internships, or interests outside your English major?

I am minoring in creative writing. Studying plot and craft was valuable for my position last year as chief fiction editor of The Tower

What is a favorite book you read for an English class?

Citizen by Claudia Rankine.

What English course would you recommend for majors? For non-majors who want to take an English class?

I would recommend everyone take ENGL 3025 "The End of the World in Literature" (as well as a class I took as an English degree elective, AMIN 3201 "Native American Literature").

What is your favorite thing about Pillsbury Hall?

The attic is a cool space to have for class and events!

What is something about the English department that most people wouldn’t know?

The skills I have learned in my classes are applicable to so many fields. I am grateful to not be tied to pursuing a specific career. 

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