Higher Ed Career Development: A Career for English Majors

BA alum Bryant Park uses strong communication skills to connect graduate school students, alums, and employers
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Bryant Park (BA 2010) remembers an English professor once proclaiming, "Like a chef with great food, you can only learn to write well if you have learned to read good writing." The 2014 graduate of Marquette University Law School works as Senior Associate Director of Career and Professional Development at the University of South Carolina School of Law. "Much of my role involves reviewing application materials and written communication that must be clear and concise," Park says. "Without my study of literature and being an English major, I would not be as well equipped to handle these responsibilities." Park graciously agreed to be interviewed over email.

What have you enjoyed most about your work?

The ability to connect with law students and alums, hear about their career paths and motivations for attending law school, and provide guidance as they take steps to reach their career goals.

Advice for current majors interested in careers like yours?

Do not hesitate to put yourself out there. Speak to those with careers that you seek to emulate and be curious about their career path. While everyone is busy, most professionals are willing to speak to students.

What do you most appreciate about your time at the University of Minnesota?

I greatly appreciated the service-learning and volunteering opportunities within the Twin Cities community as part of my education. Students often lack a connection to their school’s location due to being in the campus bubble. Minnesota’s community-engaged learning and volunteering focus allowed me to experience the Twin Cities on a deeper level, while laying the foundation that led me to a career where I could help others in their career paths.

What book are you recommending these days?

Since law school, it has been a process to rediscover my joy of reading. Currently, I am rereading One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez.

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