Congrats to Graduating MFA and PhD Students

Successful defenses this spring
PhD candidate Youngbin Hyeon teaching in front of blackboard with laptop in front and the backs of two students' heads in foreground
Then PhD candidate, now new graduate, Youngbin Hyeon teaching undergraduates
The Department of English congratulates graduating students in our MFA in Creative Writing and PhD in English Literature programs! Thank you for energizing our graduate classes and for teaching our undergraduate students with wit and grace, especially over the last year.
These PhD candidates successfully defended their doctoral dissertations this spring:
  • Abhay Doshi, "Engaging the Right's 'Rhetoric of Dissent': New Directions for Political Criticism" (advisors: Timothy Brennan and Ellen Messer-Davidow)
  • Youngbin Hyeon, "Reimagining Fathers and Sons: Race, Labor, Alienation, and Asian American Drama" (advisor Josephine Lee)
  • Bomi Jeon, "From the Margins of History: Everyday Life and Narrating the Nation in British Fiction and Cinema After 1940" (advisor Siobhan Craig)
  • Jennifer Kang, "Modernism and Its Other: The Making of Oppositional Aesthetics in the Era of High Modernism" (advisor Timothy Brennan)
  • Amanda Niedfeldt, "Literature of Warning: The State-Private Network, Cultural Patronage, and the Emergence of Foundation Literature during the Cold War" (advisor Paula Rabinowitz)
  • Kristina Popiel, "Mules of the World Unbridled: Race, Labor, and the Political Economy of 20th Century American Women of Color's Writing" (advisor Timothy Brennan)
  • Zoë Rodine, "'Living Enfleshment Otherwise': Articulating Embodiment Across Transatlantic Modernisms" (advisor Siobhan Craig)

These MFA students successfully defended their creative manuscripts (theses) this spring:

  • Antonia Angress, fiction—novel Sirens and Muses out in 2022 on Ballantine (advisors V. V. Ganeshananthan and Julie Schumacher)
  • Purvai Aranya, poetry (advisors Douglas Kearney and Leslie Morris)
  • Clare Boerigter, nonfiction (advisors Kathryn Nuernberger and Kim Todd)
  • Ron Edwards, fiction (advisors Douglas Kearney and Julie Schumacher)
  • Tess Fahlgren, nonfiction (advisors Kathryn Nuernberger and Kim Todd)
  • Zining Mok, nonfiction—The Orchid Folios out now on Ethos (advisors Douglas Kearney and Kathryn Nuernberger)
  • Liana Roux, poetry (advisors Peter Campion and Douglas Kearney)
  • Connor Simons, poetry (advisors Douglas Kearney and Kathryn Nuernberger)
  • Hannah Suchor, fiction (advisors V. V. Ganeshananthan and Julie Schumacher)
  • Brooke White, nonfiction (advisors Douglas Kearney and Kathryn Nuernberger)

Best wishes to all!


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