Why English? 10 Reasons

1. The idea that an English degree leads to making lattes is a myth. English alums may earn less than science and tech folks right after college, but they catch up and often pass them with time. Here is one study among many.

2. One hundred percent of our graduating seniors surveyed agreed that the English major prepared them well for the future. Hear why in our video (right).

3. English classes help you engage the real issues of the world that you are living in: they are where your voice and opinion matter.

4. What are you going to do with that degree? Lawyer, editor, social media strategist, banker, journalist, government policy maker and communicator, technical writer, business creator and CEO, screenwriter, comedian, healthcare marketer, novelist, grantwriter, and, yes, teacher. Hear from alums here.


5. A literary magazine YOU get to edit and design. Plus a new Certificate in Editing & Publishing.

6. Your parents will be convinced by our slide show.

7. A new home starting 2021 in the second oldest building on campus, renovated just for us. 

8. Yes, you need practice putting your skills to work: We offer internships, experiential learning classes, and career counseling.

9. You can finish the major in four years, even with study abroad, a double major, and a Creative Writing minor.

10. You get to read and write. A lot.  

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