Real-World Experience

English majors have many opportunities to gain real-world experience that will prepare them for a professional career or advanced study in a graduate or professional program upon graduation. The department offers academic credit for several of these English-related opportunities:


The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program provides opportunities for undergraduates to work closely with faculty members on a research project. Read more about the research opportunities.


There are multiple internship opportunities available to students. Internships provide students with work or academic experience that will serve them well in future jobs or study. Read more about internship opportunities.

Independent Study

With initiative and planning, students can design directed study projects with professors. Read more about the independent study program.

The Tower

The department’s undergraduate literary and art magazine is designed and published by students, providing valuable experience in writing, editing, and publishing. Read more about The Tower publication.

Community Engagement

Students in classes with a service-learning component put theory into practice—and gain valuable job experience. Read more about community engagement opportunities.

National Student Exchange

Students may arrange to study at another university in the US. Additional options include study in Puerto Rico, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and Canada. Read more about the national student exchange.